Rotary Technologies

Servo 3000 Infeed + Re-register


Introducing the Servo 3000 Infeed + Re-register System, Series 4. New in “Series 4” is Rotary Technologies, “ Management Information System.”

The “Management Information System” or “MIS“ provides the manufacturer real time production data. The MSI works in the background providing real time data. Since the MSI is in the background no operator input is needed.

The MSI report provides total material used, make-ready waste, average production speed. The MSI reports are stored on the Servo 3000’s interface and are viewable for up to 90 days. View the reports is simple from any web browser point to the Servo 3000 and enter your user name and password.

The Series 4’s sapphire crystal user inferface is larger displaying more information, with the elimination of scrolling through the screens.

TCC3300 Digital Finishing Line

In recent years the industry has witnessed major improvements in digital print quality and press speeds, while finishing equipment has remained more or less the same - until now. Introducing the next evolution in label finishing technology, the TCC 3300.

The TCC 3300 takes a universal approach allowing you to use it to best fit your needs. The machine can run inline with a digital press, run left to right or right to left depending on the press manufacturer, or run as a stand alone machine.

The TCC 3300 uses standard flexible dies mounted on a fixed magnetic cylinder for easy job change over.

The TCC 3300 and most any digital press combines for single pass printing and converting. Further- more 80% of job set up can be performed using blank material saving ink, toner, and click charges. When printing is introduced the TCC 3300 automates print to cut registration.

Standard equipment includes web guide with splice table, over lamination, while slitting options are customer specifications.