Rotary Technologies has added to the Servo 3000 Infeed + Re-register System Series.

Introducing the Servo 3000 Infeed + Re-register System, Series 4. New in “Series 4” is Rotary Technologies, “ Management Information System.”

The “Management Information System” or “MIS“ provides the manufacturer real time production data. The MSI works in the background providing real time data. Since the MSI is in the background no operator input is needed.

The MSI report provides total material used, make-ready waste, average production speed. The MSI reports are stored on the Servo 3000’s interface and are viewable for up to 90 days. View the reports is simple from any web browser point to the Servo 3000 and enter your user name and password.

The Series 4’s sapphire crystal user inferface is larger displaying more information, with the elimination of scrolling through the screens.









The countdown has
            started to Series 4 …


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